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Steve Jobs Book on Amazon, Scam? – Honest Review

Posted on : 20-12-2011 | By : proaudioglobal | In : steve jobs book, steve jobs book review, walter isaacson

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Do not buy “Steve Jobs” book from Amazon until you have read this honest review……. Keep Reading


Walter Isaacson has narrated the story of Steve Jobs after interviewing him for more than 100 times and also after interviewing more than 100 of his family members, friends, foes, business associates to name a few. He has narrated the story in a honest manner with unbiased opinion from the people he interviewed.

About Walter Isaacson:

Walter Isaacson is currently the President and CEO of Aspen Institute based in Washington, D.C.  He has been the chairman of CNN and managing editor of Times magazine. He has authored several books namely, Einstein: His life and universe, Benjamin Franklin: An american life to name a few.

Why you should read Steve Jobs book?

In his own words, Steve wanted to put a dent in the “universe” which he achieved. After reading the book, one gets the feeling of what it is like to be Steve Jobs or to work with him and be around him.

You learn about his early years with Apple, and then Next and Pixar and also how he brought back Apple in 1997 from the brinks of bankruptcy. His fight with illness has been covered very well and  will move one into tears.

What is inside Steve Jobs book?

An unfiltered, uncensored narration of Steve jobs life, his aspirations, his passion for perfection, his vision, and his roller coaster life. He was a billionaire, but lived in a regular street with no high fenced compound or security.

His life was full of contradictions. Born out of wedlock to a syrian muslim father and american mother, he was given up for adoption when he was very young. He later found out his real parents and became very close to his biological sister whom he called his best friend. His obsession with perfection led to the creation of the Mac computer which was a huge success with the general public. His ouster in 1987 from the very company he founded, his comeback in 1997 to rescue Apple are all covered in detail in the book.

The Good and the Bad:


Although the book is nearly 600 pages, the book zips along at a torrid pace narrating his early life with the adopted parents, how he designed the first Mac computer, his personal life, his fight with illness, his relationship with coworkers and foes. The book is comprehensive in all aspects of his life and provides a honest overview of his life.

Apart from Hardcover version, this book is available for download to Amazon Kindle also.


How he brought back Apple from the brink of bankruptcy is not covered in the book in detail.

The Bottom Line

Walter Isaacson has done a great job of narrating the life of Steve Jobs. It is not a scam. It is a true story of an American icon who changed the way we lived. His inventions touched the life of so many individuals around the world. It is a must read for one who wants to know who the real Steve Jobs is.

Steve Jobs Autobiography

Posted on : 15-12-2011 | By : proaudioglobal | In : walter isaacson

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Walter Isaacson  interviewed Steve Jobs for more than 100 times over a period of 2 years before writing this biography of Steve Jobs. He also interviewed over 100 family members, friends, business associates, competitors and adversaries. Steve Jobs himself encouraged everyone to be honest and did not exert any control over what was written. Steve Jobs also spoke about others candidly, sometimes brutally honest. Steve Jobs autobiography is the result of all the information gathered by Walter Isaacson and it paints a honest picture of Steve Jobs passion, perfectionism, obsessions, artistry, and compulsion for control.

Steve Jobs would not be satisfied for anything but a perfect product. He is known to drive those around him in despair if the product is not to his satisfaction.

Steve Jobs intensity for perfection cost him his job back in 1987. He was ousted from the company he founded and nurtured. But without Steve Jobs at the helm, Apple faltered and was in danger of bankruptcy. So, Steve Jobs took over the company again 1997 and made it into a global powerhouse.

Steve believed in the impossible. That is what drove those around him nuts. He will not settle for anything but a perfect end product. Walter Isaacson has done a great job of narrating the story of Steve Jobs, in a honest manner which Steve Jobs would have liked very much. Steve Jobs encouraged Walter to not only interview him, but also get unbiased opinion from others.  Steve did not try to exert any control over what was said in the book. He actually never read the book before it was published. Steve Jobs life was full of contradictions. He became a billionaire, but he practiced buddhism. He disliked material objects, yet he owned his own private jet. His life was also a roller coaster. He was sometimes rude, but it is the result of his penchant for perfection.

A Tribute To Steve Jobs

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We thank Walter Isaacson for writing the Steve Jobs book, which is an autobiography of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs Book was the best seller for Amazon in 2011.

Without you there is no iPhone. Nobody would have heard about ipod or ipad either. You touched the lives of so many people with your inventions.  If the 1990’s belonged to Microsoft and Bill Gates, 2000’s belonged certainly to you.

How Apple is going to cope without your genius? After iPhone5 what does the future hold for Apple? After you took over Apple back in 1997 (for the second time), the company was very close to bankruptcy. You pulled Apple from the clutches of bankruptcy and made that into a global powerhouse. Right now, it is the most valuable company in the US.

Your life was full of roller coasters. You were left for adoption when you were very young by your biological parents. You grew up without knowing your real parents. 

You dropped out of college, when you saw your adopted parents struggle to come up with the money to put you through college. You were so attached to your adopted parents that you hated the word adopted. You reconciled with your biological sister later and you used to call her your best friend. Yet, you did not forgive your biological mother and father for leaving you for adoption. Your biological father waited till  the day you died to hear from you, which did not happen.

When you were in college, sometimes you did not have the money for food and lived on food from Hare Krishna temples. Later you visited India several times and became a buddhist.

You worked tirelessly to build Apple into a global powerhouse. At times you ignored your own health and became the greatest innovators of our times.

The world is going to miss you, your wisdom, your innovative skills. We will all remember you for ever for your passions, perfectionism and artistry. The world will not be the same without you Steve!

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